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  1. Hey Sandra, Been a long time since I heard from you and Diane. Hope you are well and safe from the virus. We are doing fine. Lost my husband of 58 years to Alzheimers in 2017 Email me when you find time. Im still in Columbia…

    • Hey Ammie,

      How wonderful to hear from you, and it’s amazing how it happened! I had not checked the Asheville Storytelling Circle’s website in over a year, but we have had some members join in the past few months and I decided to see if they had been listed in the Performance Directory.

      I was so sorry to hear Leland had passed away. I remember when Mother and I attended a birthday celebration for your mother. Leland gave the most beautiful tribute to her and thanked her for letting him marry you.

      I hope all of your family are well. Dianne and I are doing faurly well for our age. We both have magular degeneration. Both of us can still drive but she has chosen not to usually. She lived in Brevard, about an hour’s drive, until a year ago this past August. She has some short term memory loss caused by a slight stroke and realized she needed to be closer. She has been living with me while her new house is being built next to mine. Due to covid, building has gone very slowly but she should be moving in a week or two. I would love to see you and talk about the fun times we had. Do you remember when we both ate so much of my grandfather’s sourwood honey that we almost made ourselves sick? Even though I still drive, I don’t drive on unfamiliar roads away from Asheville. If you are ever in the Asheville area, please let me know, and let’s keep in touch. My e-mail address is and my phone numbers are 828-274-1123 or 828-777-9177 (cell).

      Love to you,

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