• Contestants must pre-register by sending name, city and state, email and phone number, and a non-refundable check for $25 payable to Asheville Storytelling Circle, 61 Floyd Dr Asheville, NC 28803 in time to be received before April 19th, Contestants will receive confirmation of acceptance and performance details on April 19 via the contact information provided. The $15 ticket fee is waived.
  • Contestants’ names will be put in a hat and judges will pull for telling order.
  • Lies (humorous, dramatic, supernatural) will be a maximum of 5 minutes. Judge will hold up a yellow card at the 4-minute  mark and a red card at the 5-cminute mark. If Contestants continue past the 5-minute mark, they will forfeit 50 points.
  • Total points may equal 100 points and will be based upon the following 4 categories:
  • Originality of the lie- new material or fresh handling of a familiar yarn.  25 points
  • Technique- delivery, confidence, general stagecraft.   25 points
  • Story Development- good development of the tale in given time of 5 minutes.   25 points
  • Effectiveness- in judges’ opinion, taking audience responsiveness.   25 points
  • The judges will confer at the end of the contest to decide the winners.
  • Final scores will not be given to the contestants and the decision of the judges decision is final.   
  • Contestants must provide written permission if telling a published story. And if telling a story not wholly their own, contestants must acknowledge the origins of the story and change it in a way that makes it unique.
  •  Profanity and adult themes are not permitted. If heard, the mic will be cut off and the contestant disqualified.
  • Award ceremony will take place after the contest and awards are as follows:
First Prize       $100
Second Prize       $50
Third Prize        $25
People’s Choice    $25


ASC Meeting Registration Link – Click Here

ASC Meetings – 3rd Monday of each month (except August) 7p.m Live at Lenoir-Rhyne 36 Montfort or via Zoom by clicking Registration Link below

ASC Meeting Registration Link – Click Here

Save the email and you will not need to register every month, just use the link in the email.

We meet at Lenoir-Rhyne in the Asheville Chamber and Visitors Center at 36 Montfort 2nd floor boardroom. Safe and secure parking behind building and easy entry by elevator. If you can’t join us live Zoom on in.

ASC Meeting Registration Link – Click Here

You can click the Registration link at any time, when you register you will be sent email with a link that you should save and can use 10 minutes prior to the start of meetings.

Many of Our Performers include links to upcoming events on their directory pages.

About the Asheville Storytelling Circle

The Asheville Storytelling Circle (ASC) is a non-profit organization (501c3) of folks who love stories. We have tellers at all levels, from beginners to professionals, and some members just like to listen. The Circle has been sharing stories with the Asheville community for more than 25 years.

However, all are interested in cultivating the traditional art of storytelling. The Circle (ASC) is affiliated with the North Carolina Storytelling Guild (NCSG) and the National Storytelling Network (NSN).

Our monthly story circle meetings are filled with great stories. New members and guests are always welcome to attend and tell a story. The Circle also sponsors two storytelling programs each year, one at the Folk Art Center on the Blue Ridge Parkway: TELLABRATION!™ in November and a Spring Show at Black Mountain Center for the Arts.

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Asheville Storytelling Circle (ASC) — 5 Comments

    • Hi Lea! I am the current president of the Asheville Storytelling Circle. In looking at our website, I’m not sure if anyone replied to you before this. If not, please accept my apology. We would love to have you come visit at our next meeting at 7 pm on July 17. You are also welcome to communicate with me directly at larryRpearlman42@gmail.com.

    • Hi Debra,

      My apologies if nobody replied to you back in April. You can go to the NC Storytelling Guild site to get information on an upcoming workshop later this month and other story-related information including a workshop coming up in the Spring. You can also go to story window.com to follow workshops put on by Connie Regan Blake. We would very much welcome you to come join the Asheville Storytelling Circle and come to our meetings the third Monday of each month to hear and tell stories and learn about other workshops as they come up.
      I welcome you to communicate directly with me at larryRpearlman42@gmail.com as a more reliable way than leaving messages here. Thanks for your interest.

  1. I knew a Larry pearlman in Miami but that’s another story. Looking forward to learning about your group and finding out about the storytelling world.

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